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We believe it is possible to know God. Not only that, but God wants to know us! Find out what it means to have a relationship with God.

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A six-part series looking closer into the basics of Christianity.

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Here at Student Life, we want to support you in sustaining your journey at uni.

Sustain your university journey with hot drinks, sustain the environment with a reusable bamboo coffee cup, and sustain your journey spiritually—we've got you covered!

When you complete our 2-minute online questionnaire about your spiritual journey, you'll get a free reusable coffee cup to hold all the coffees, teas and hot choccy drinks you'll need to sustain you while you study. Become part of our online community where you'll get linked with hot tips to help you in your journey as a student. Not only that, but you'll also be in the draw to win $1000 to spend any way you want! Now how 'bout that for a slammin' start to your uni year?!

Select your relevant campus location below to get started!


sustain /səˈsteɪn/


  1. strengthen or support physically or mentally.


  2. cause to continue for an extended period or without interruption.



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