Student Life exists because we believe that knowing Jesus is necessary to transform the life of a student and the world around them for good. Our mission is to change the world by turning lost students into Christ-centered labourers through our movements on campus.

If you’ve been involved in Student Life at uni, you’ve had the chance to share your faith, grow and be discipled. You may have led others to Christ, or discipled people in Action Groups. Now imagine yourself working full-time:

• In one of NZ’s key universities
• Ministering cross-culturally in East Asia

You’ll be amazed how God can use you to engage with others. Two great opportunities are in front of you right now: A Student Life Internship in NZ, or a Short Term International (STINT) serving on a campus beyond our shores. Both involve a year of on-the-ground ministry, plus some training and preparation.



Why should I Intern/STINT now?

Right after graduation is the time you can best relate to other students. It’s also a time when you can do ministry with friends you already have.


How do I decide between Intern and STINT?

Both are great options. If you’ve got a heart for NZ, we suggest the internship; you’ll have opportunities to travel later if you continue working with Student Life, and you’ll be raising up others who could do a STINT in the future.


How will I be equipped?

A quality training programme is part of the deal. We provide on-the-ground practical things you need to get started, including raising the money to cover your salary and ministry costs. We’ll focus on developing you personally and professionally in ministry.