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We believe it is possible to know God. Not only that, but God wants to know us! Find out what it means to have a relationship with God.

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A six-part series looking closer into the basics of Christianity.

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Articles providing insight into Christianity.

Student Life Media

A collection of Student Life videos about a range of topics, from stress to identity, love to faith and many more.

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Some things to help as you begin your walk with Jesus.

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Resources providing useful insight into living the life God calls us to live.

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Resources to help you teach others about Jesus, covering a wide range of topics and seeking to show how Jesus did ministry.

All Projects

Learn more about any of our summer mission project locations.

Nelson Beach Project

Grow your faith, make some new friends and do something special this New Years at Nelson Beach Project.

Urban Summer

Reach the heart of New Zealand's largest city and engage with the communities surrounding central Auckland.

Southside Summer

Serve the communities in South Auckland, with the gospel being lived out in practical ways

Ultimate Training Camp

Learn to integrate life, faith and sport over a week of physical, mental, and spiritual challenge that will change your life!

Frequently Asked Questions



Why do we run summer projects?

In line with our Student Ministry’s mission from Matthew 28:18-20 – “Turning Lost Students into Christ-Centred Labourers” – the purposes of our projects are:

  • Reaching the lost students of the world.
  • Turning NZ Students in Christ-centred labourers.

Projects are run in line with Student Life’s core values:

Faith-Filled Courage

  • We operate with an attitude of expectant dependence on God. This is reflected in both the fundraising process and life on project.


  • Our mission teams fit into the overall strategy of our ministry and long-term plans.
  • Effectiveness is measured by directly observable fruit (such as people coming to know the Lord), as well as the development of those we take (e.g. the upskilling of students).
  • For International Projects, We work with the receiving location. Because they have local knowledge; we honour their way of doing things.


  • We believe that those going on project can the do best job possible if they’re enjoying it (that doesn’t mean students won’t be challenged to take steps of faith; our projects are not an excuse for a holiday).
  • We believe the team environment provides the best possible opportunity for growth and development, as well as the laughs needed to make the most of the project opportunity.


How is the project funded?

All participants are given a portion of the cost of the project to raise for the funding of the project. Unlike a high school band trip or personal educational experience, this is God’s Mission and God’s People are called to partner with you through their prayers and financial support.

This may be hard to believe—but the church wants to give to the work of the Gospel.

You'll receive training on how you can ask the body of Christ to supply your needs to be on the mission. By seeking support, you are no longer representing yourself—but the whole body of Christ (which is why there are standards and expectations when attending a project).



What’s it like on a Studentlife project?

A summer project propels you into a deeper walk with God and gives you greater confidence in making him known. You'll be stretched and developed in leadership skills.

From 1 week or up to 6 weeks you'll…

  • talk with people
  • learn how to spiritual conversations
  • share the Gospel
  • live with the project team
  • grow closer to God
  • see the world through God’s eyes
  • have a bunch of fun with a dynamic team of passionate believers



What are the expectations when going on a project?

  • Maintain biblical standards of conduct (honesty, purity, teachability, following authority, etc.) 

  • Be responsible to take your medication if you're on medication 

  • Raising your support and paying the difference if unable to fully raise it

  • Be physically able to take part in all project activities

  • Attend the entire project (international projects flying together to and from NZ, domestic projects arriving on time and staying the entirety)

  • Accept the unforeseeable risks of travelling and circumstances outside of Student Life’s control 



Will there be any free time?

Yes, there is a schedule planned for each week which takes into account time doing mission work, time for rest and time for devotional time with the Lord.


What happens if I raise more funds than what is needed?

The funds raised for the project will go towards other project-related expenses, and in some circumstances help others who have not been able to find their remaining support.


When will tax receipts be issued?

Our tax receipts are processed after the end of the NZ financial year (31st March). Allowing time for delivery we expect that you'll recieve your receipt late May or early June.

If you have further questions related to your donations contact or call us on (09) 360-5466


What if a donation is missing?

In this unlikely event, please check the bank records for the date on which the donation was made. Then contact or call us on (09) 360-5466 to assist the recovery of the missing donation.


Projects Policy

Student Life's expectations and standards for attendees of all of our mission projects.

Parent Information

Information about our summer projects, addressing common questions from parents.


Is your question missing?

Fill out the form below and we'll attempt to answer your question in the next 1-3 working days.





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