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We believe it is possible to know God. Not only that, but God wants to know us! Find out what it means to have a relationship with God.

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A six-part series looking closer into the basics of Christianity.

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Articles providing insight into Christianity.

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A collection of Student Life videos about a range of topics, from stress to identity, love to faith and many more.

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Some things to help as you begin your walk with Jesus.

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Resources providing useful insight into living the life God calls us to live.

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Resources to help you teach others about Jesus, covering a wide range of topics and seeking to show how Jesus did ministry.

Student Life Media

A collection of Student Life videos, speaking about a range of topics from stress to identity, from love to faith and many more.



Student Life Live Videos



Triggered - How to Cope with Stress

As students, we become well acquainted with stress. The demands of life stack up and they can threaten to overwhelm us if we don't learn how to cope with stress. In this video, we have Ruby Duncan (CEO of IOSIS, a Christian social work provider for "broken people and broken families" in South Auckland) pass on words of wisdom.





Fake News - An Interview with an Oxford University Graduate

Our guest speaker, Kris Bates, is an Oxford graduate who likes a challenge... even sifting through all the Fake News we are bombarded with. He's got a few good coaching tips to help us discern better through plethora of information and "information" in our newsfeeds. You're gonna like this!





Reality - An Interview with Survivor NZ's Sala Tiatia

An interview with Sala Tiatia; a TEDxYouth speaker, manager and teacher at an alternative education facility, F45 gym enthusiast, comedian, father, husband and he starred in a reality TV show called Survivor NZ: Nicaragua. We chat with Sala about what he's learned about reality from life and being a reality TV star.





An Interview with an Ex Porn Star - A Chat About Hope and Identity

The porn industry has increased their reach during this pandemic by giving out free site memberships, and as a result there has been record breaking site viewings. So lets hear from someone who once worked in this industry.



SEEK Conference Videos



Do Kiwis Really Need God - Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr. William Lane Craig has debated with high prolific figures such as the late Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss, Jordan B. Petersen and the list goes on.






Q&A with Frank Turek

Frank Turek is an American Christian apologist and author of 'Stealing from God' and 'I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.'





Skepticism & Prophecies - Josh McDowell

As a young man, Josh McDowell considered himself an agnostic. He truly believed that Christianity was worthless. However, when challenged to intellectually examine the claims of Christianity, Josh discovered compelling, overwhelming evidence for the reliability of the Christian faith. After trusting in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, Josh’s life changed dramatically as he experienced the power of God’s love.




Continuing to Seek God with Jeremy Carroll






LOOK - Aidan Shotbolt

Today, many New Zealand students might say, “I would believe in God if I could see him walking around, and talk to him.” That’s exactly what Christians claim did happen: that Jesus was God, appearing to us in a way we could see, talk to, and touch. His resurrection from the dead proved that he really was God. But all that happened 2000 years ago - so where is the evidence that any of that really happened?





LISTEN - Enoch Chan

We believe Jesus rose from the dead and because that fact, we can be reconciled to God. We can be forgiven. We can have a relationship with him. We can be in his family. How, then, should we respond to this?






LIFE - Jono Donald

What is it like when you decide to follow Jesus? 

Jono used to think that following Jesus was boring, lame, for losers... Now he knows that following Jesus is the only way to truly experience living. How did he come to believe this?





LOVE - Mackenzie Nichol

As humans, we were made to feel loved and to love others. But what kind of love were we made for? How does that stack up against the love that we commonly experience? Mackenzie unpacks this big topic of exciting and hopeful love.



Other Videos



Relationships Seminar + Q&A with the Les

Sit down with the Les from Auckland Student Life as they share what they've learnt about relationships.





Changed Lives Through Prayer

Prayer has changed the course of events in history, and it is still just as effective today. If we want to see lives changed by the gospel, it must happen with prayer. Two students from the Student Life Auckland movement share firsthand experiences of seeing the effectiveness of prayer that brought life change to each of them, as well as the ongoing work that happens on our campuses.





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