Knowing God

We believe it is possible to know God. Not only that, but God wants to know us! Find out what it means to have a relationship with God.

Exploring Christianity

A six-part series looking closer into the basics of Christianity.

Answers to Common Questions

Articles providing insight into Christianity.

Student Life Media

A collection of Student Life videos about a range of topics, from stress to identity, love to faith and many more.

For New Christians

Some things to help as you begin your walk with Jesus.

Resources for Christian Growth

Resources providing useful insight into living the life God calls us to live.

Action Group Resources

Resources to help you teach others about Jesus, covering a wide range of topics and seeking to show how Jesus did ministry.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Check out our articles for some useful insight to living the life God calls us to live! Our hope is that they can be an encouragement to you on your journey towards knowing God deeper.



The Significance of Trials

When we recognise trials for what they are, they are no longer things that we fear, but rather they become ways for us to grow.

How to Find God in a Painful Life

The book of Job illustrates how we can relate to God when we suffer.

How to Find Hope in the Midst of Suffering

We are not strangers to suffering. Yet we know we can find hope in the midst of pain. Learn how God relates to us when we suffer through the Bible story of Job.

Responding to Racial Injustice

Reflections of a kind-of-coloured Christian on the BLM movement and how we might become bridge builders…

Take Control of Your Life

Ever wondered about how to make the best decisions to bring your life under control?

Looking Up in Lockdown

How can we love Jesus and others well when we’re stuck at home?

What's a Doer to Do?

What’s a doer to do when kept indoors?

When Motivation Dwindles

How many of these week 2 experiences can you relate to?

A Student Guide to Thriving Through Lockdown

Top tips from certified smart people and an invitation to boot…

More of the Same Except With KFC

An update from Week 4 of lockdown in NZ

Pursuing Your Dreams: Risks

When I tell people I’m writing a novel, I’m met with either wry smiles or wide-eyed bewilderment, followed by the question, “Why not become a teacher or a journalist?”

The Battle for Gratitude

Grumbling or gratitude - What’s your go-to?

Finding North

Have I ever told you about the time I was flying a helicopter over the city?



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