Knowing God

We believe it is possible to know God. Not only that, but God wants to know us! Find out what it means to have a relationship with God.

Exploring Christianity

A six-part series looking closer into the basics of Christianity.

Answers to Common Questions

Articles providing insight into Christianity.

Student Life Media

A collection of Student Life videos about a range of topics, from stress to identity, love to faith and many more.

For New Christians

Some things to help as you begin your walk with Jesus.

Resources for Christian Growth

Resources providing useful insight into living the life God calls us to live.

Action Group Resources

Resources to help you teach others about Jesus, covering a wide range of topics and seeking to show how Jesus did ministry.

All Projects

Learn more about any of our summer mission project locations.

Nelson Beach Project

Grow your faith, make some new friends and do something special this New Years at Nelson Beach Project.

Urban Summer

Reach the heart of New Zealand's largest city and engage with the communities surrounding central Auckland.

Southside Summer

Serve the communities in South Auckland, with the gospel being lived out in practical ways

Ultimate Training Camp

Learn to integrate life, faith and sport over a week of physical, mental, and spiritual challenge that will change your life!

Growing Your Faith

Experience Growth

Continue growing in spiritual maturity as a Christian at university


Connect with Me

Talk with someone from your local university Christian group


Share my Faith

Find out how you can tell other students in New Zealand about Jesus



Gordon's Story

"If someone told me a few years ago that I would become a Christian at university, give up on long-standing habits and hobbies, pick up new ones and travel on loads of trips, I would say that they are having a laugh, no way! But yes, it has happened, and it has been hard, but I would not trade it for anything.

The gospel is the most incredible news for us all, and if we really do love people then we would share it to them. It has been incredible meeting people from all walks of life and at different points that I wouldn’t usually interact with. One thing leads to another and another, from leading groups to going on projects, making me take steps of faith and trust God, and grow from it. God has been teaching me so much about myself, my sins, his mercy and grace and the hope that we are looking forward to when Jesus comes back and makes things right."


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