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Serve the communities in South Auckland, with the gospel being lived out in practical ways

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Learn to integrate life, faith and sport over a week of physical, mental, and spiritual challenge that will change your life!


Ezra's Story


During my first year at the University of Canterbury I have found Student Life to be one of the most beneficial tools for growing in my faith. At the start of the year I felt quite separated from any Christian community and saw no great means of growth in my walk with Christ. However, meeting the Christians in Student Life and engaging in sharing my faith both grew me and gave me a greater understanding of the importance of Jesus’ Great Commission.

Seeing God use our efforts to transform lives gives me the greatest confidence in knowing that it is His work that saves and not ours. The environment Student Life creates gives great perspective as to the importance obedience to Christ should have, even during stressful times of study.

Having seen the amazing work God has been doing on campus I am incredibly excited for the year ahead. As I look forward my eyes are continually toward Christ, as it is He that has the power to save.


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