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Why do we trust the Bible?

Fundamental to the Christian faith is the belief that the Bible is God’s word. But why should I, or the average person treat these writings as ‘holy’ or ‘divinely inspired’? This question puzzles many people, both believers and sceptics. As a pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, Scott Mackay is passionate about the Bible. He will give us practical ways to explain the uniqueness of the Bible to others, and why the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are so important to Christians. You will leave this seminar knowing why Christians trust the Bible as the inspired word of God, and how to explain that well to a world which is hesitant to believe.


Scott Mckay


Mastering or Mastered by Technology?

We hear repeatedly about the negative effects of growing up in a generation that has never known life without the internet or mobile phones. But what can a Christian in this generation do short of joining a monastery to live in a way that glorifies God. In this seminar you will get a chance to examine your own relationship with technology and consider some principles that will help you to put technology in its proper place in your life.


Karl Udy



Navigating relationships in this messy world can be tough. Especially when values and norms are constantly being redefined by secular culture. Whether its family, friends, classmates or that special some one; we all want and need meaningful relationships. These relationships are vital to living a joy-filled, fruitful life for Christ and the Great Commission. But they don’t happen by accident! Come along and get some practical, biblical principles for fulfilling relationships (including romantic ones. I know you’re thinking it). Laughs, helpful tips and non PC stories guaranteed.

Enoch Chan



How Can I Know God’s Will?

Life is filled with choices.  Hardly a day goes past when we don’t come across a fork in the road, or several forks in the road.  We can’t take every path; we can only take one.  Sometimes the choice is obvious.  Other times the choice is not so obvious.  God promises in His Word to guide us, but just how does He guide us?
In this seminar we will be looking some biblical principles for knowing God’s will so that you can make confident decisions in life, knowing that he will in fact guide you, every step of the way.

Peter Somervell