I AM - Conference 2018

North Island | Christian Youth Camps, Ngaruawahia | July 3-8
South Island | Lakeland Park, Queenstown | June 30 - July 5
The answer to the questions that everyone’s asking

The mid year break is right around the corner. What are you going to be doing? You could work, hangout at home and play games, scroll through Facebook, or Youtube. I don’t know about you, but that gets old pretty quickly. Wouldn’t you rather do something fun, refreshing and life giving!? Then why not come to I AM Conference! Be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to grow deeper in knowing Jesus Christ. Come meet, hang out and have fun with other students from universities all around NZ. You’ll get to learn a bunch of life-changing lessons that will impact your relationships, perspectives, and your own spiritual journey. This year, we’ll explore the idea of worth and identity, and learn why it can only truly be found in the one who created us. (Contact your club president and ask if your Action Group is eligible for a club subsidy or a group fundraiser.)

North Island

Christian Youth Camps
148 Waingaro Rd, Ngaruawahia

148 Waingaro Rd, Ngaruawahia 3720, New Zealand

South Island

Lakeland Park
496 Peninsula Rd, Kelvin Heights

496 Peninsula Rd, Kelvin Heights, Kelvin Peninsula 9300, New Zealand