Conference Terms and Conditions

ALL IN Conference 2019 Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for ALL IN conference are made up to two parts:

  • Terms and Conditions Specific to ALL IN conference.
  • Student Life Event Refund Policy.

Terms and Conditions Specific to ALL IN Conference

I give permission for Student Life staff and volunteers to obtain emergency medical, hospital or ambulance assistance at any time they consider necessary.

I understand that every effort will be made for me or my emergency contact to be notified before instituting such procedures, however Student Life gives no guarantee that this will occur, and cannot be held liable in negligence or otherwise.

I agree to follow the lawful instructions of both camp ground staff, their rules and regulations and the instructions give by Student Life staff in regards to actions, behaviours and procedures that safeguard you and others.

I acknowledge that I will be liable for any and all medical/hospital/ambulance costs and expenses incurred in my treatment. I also understand that while every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure my practical protection, I hereby release and hold harmless Student Life  authorised staff and volunteers from any and all liability in the event of any injury, accident or misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to me and my property, including that which results from negligence, while present at this Student Life event.

I understand that in the case that the campsite is unable to cater for any special dietary requirements, they reserve the right to:

    • Decline to cater for any particular diet
    • Charge for the extra costs involved
    • Arrange for a client to cater for themselves
  • If the risk is too great, decline a guest’s request to attend camp (in which case the guest will receive a full refund by the organiser, including the deposit).

The event may be captured in photographs, audio and video. Student Life  reserves the right to use this material for promotional purposes.

Your registration is not final until the full registration amount has been paid. Student Life reserves the right to change any of the published event details without notice and have the final say on any matters relating to the event. The “refund date” for this event is 12pm 8th July 2018 for the North Island and 12pm 5th July 2018 for the South Island conference.

Money-Back Guarantee

For this specific event, we are offering a money-back guarantee. We’re confident that you’ll have a great time at conference; it’s worth your money! So if you come to walk away from conference and having not enjoyed yourself and haven’t learned anything, then we’ll give you your money back! The following conditions apply to this guarantee:

    • You must be a current tertiary student in studying in New Zealand.
    • You must attend the conference in its entirety.
    • You must submit any request for refund in writing to [email protected], and include the fact that you are requesting a refund under this guarantee.
    • Any contribution to your conference fee from fundraising efforts (either on your own part or that of your campus) are not eligible for refund, since these are considered donations.
    • Travel costs to and from the event are not covered in this guarantee.
  • A request for refund under this guarantee must be submitted within 21 days of the event’s end time.

Event Refund Policy

Events requiring payment may have registration fees split into two components:

  • A deposit, which is required to confirm your registration (herein referred to as ‘deposit’).
  • The balance of the total event cost not including the deposit amount (herein referred to as ‘balance’).

The balance must be paid before the event commences in order for the registrant to participate in the event.

The amount of deposit required and the total cost of the event will be specified, either online or on a paper registration form. Some events may have different costs, which may be dependent on the date that registration is confirmed (for example, an ‘early bird discount’ may apply).

General Refund Information

The deposit is a non-refundable amount (not all events may require a deposit).

Any payments made towards the balance will be refundable up until a specified refund date (herein referred to as ‘refund date’). The refund date will be specified along with the event-specific terms and conditions for that particular event. After the refund date, a request from the event registrant for a refund of any amount of the balance will be at the discretion of Student Life. A written submission must be provided for Student Life to consider any refund request (email to [email protected]).

Refunds Due to Cancellation of Event or Change of Details

A full refund, including the deposit amount, will be given in the case of an event being cancelled by Student Life. Cancellation notice will be sent to the email address or phone number provided during event registration. Any information needed to make the refund (such as a bank account number if payments were made by bank deposit or cash) must be provided by the registrant to Student Life within 90 days of event cancellation notice being posted. After this 90-day period, failure to provide this information will mean any money paid will become the property of Student Life.

In the case of event details being modified (such as the event start or end time) which affects your ability to participate in the event, refunds may be provided at the discretion of Student Life; a written request for a refund may be required.


Other situations where Student Life may provide a refund may be given in a specific event’s terms and conditions. However, this Event Refund Policy applies to all Student Life events, and will take precedence in the case of any discrepancies.