About Us

There’s plenty of stuff that students look into, whether it be study, personal development, relationships, or exploring the spiritual side of life.

At Student Life we are passionate about giving students opportunities. We believe the most important of these is an opportunity to look into who God is and to discover faith and the life Jesus offers.

Student Life is a Christian organisation on university campuses throughout New Zealand, seeking to change the world by loving others and sharing with students the amazing journey that is found in following Christ. We do this because we’ve found that a relationship with God is exciting, relevant and life changing! We’d love every student to have the chance to look into and respond to a life changing message about God and this journey.

University is a great time for people to think through what they believe about life and its spiritual aspects. Student Life provides resources and opportunities to help students explore these issues. We also have a ton of fun making friends through our events, small groups and projects.

If you’d like to know more about Student Life or a relationship with God, you can catch us in O-week, at one of our events, or by sending us a message.