About Us

We are a group of students who are on a journey towards truly discovering the person of Jesus and what it means to know him and follow him. Our Mission is to turn lost students into Christ-centred labourers through our movements on campus. Join us for an Adventure if you’re up for it!

If you talk to people who have been on their big O.E. and you ask them what were their most memorable experiences of their time away, many of them will say something like,‘the chance to see and experience things that I would never have experienced back home in NZ.’ Or perhaps they might say, ‘I just kept an open mind and wanted to learn heaps while I was out of my comfort zone.’ What does that mean for us? It means that when we are willing to try something new, we will gain the most from the experience.

Whether or not we have had the opportunity to travel overseas and experience different cultures and foods, all of us are on a journey. A spiritual journey. We often define that journey in different ways, based on our culture, our upbringing or past experiences. It is a journey that some of us count as extremely important, and a journey that some of us couldn’t care less about.

When we embark on any journey we know that before we reach our destination we must first navigate our way through many crossroads. At each crossroads we reach we must make a number of decisions that will answer the following questions: Am I in the right place? Is this where I want to be? Which path from here will take me to my intended destination? Obviously, many of these decisions are straight forward, while others may require us to stop for some time to consider the outcome of each path that is presented to us – for  example, choosing what you will wear today versus what city you will live in once you finish uni.

As we stand back and look at our life we will soon realise that our life is not shaped by one great decision, but by the sum of the decisions we have made so far. When we take time to look at the big picture, we know that while we have made a lot of good decisions, there are also many paths we have decided to take that have resulted in negative outcomes, and we regret turning that way.

We hope that as you find out more about Student Life the university journey will take on new meaning. The articles found on this website will help you make good decisions with your study, navigate relationships with the many people you will meet, and pick your path amidst the many life paths that will be presented to you through your time at university.

More than that, however, I hope that you will discover what it means to begin a relationship with God and embark on the journey of faith in Christ. It is a relationship you will never forget. Student Life is here to help you understand the journey, begin the journey, and navigate the journey. At Student Life we’re On the Journey. Why not come join us!